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Bond Cleaning In Pimpama | Bond Cleaners In Pimpama


There is a large number of cleaning companies associated with Bond cleaning in Pimpama. Most of them hire part-time workers who are not well trained and lack technical knowledge. In the cleaning business, quality can only be delivered if your employees are trained to look at every nook and cranny and have proper knowledge of how to clean every part of the house.

We at WhitePeak24, pay special attention to our training of our employees according to our training module that we have developed over the years. It is our SOP, which is more advanced than all the other Bond cleaners in Pimpama.

Along with that, we constantly develop our SOP, cross train our employees and build a better delivery platform for our customers. With the end of lease cleaning in Pimpama, our mission is to get your Bond Back and we do not leave this to chance.

Your money is important to us and that is why we provide a 100% Bond Back Guarantee. Connect with us to get the best deal for Bond cleaning in Pimpama.

Are you vacating your property? Are you in search of proficient bond cleaning in Pimpama? Did you go hours scouring and cleaning the property however are still distrustful about the end result? Will you get your full security cashback or not?

Bond Back Guarantee

We give a week's guarantee for our services. It gives you a free re-clean of your property in the event that it hasn't been cleaned to the expectations of your landowner/specialist. Complete details are present in our terms and conditions.

What's Included & What's Not In Our Bond

Our administration plans to clean the property to fulfill the Overseeing Specialist under the administration of the enactment in each condition of the tidiness of the property. The objective is to have your security discounted in full.

Our Bond Assurance covers the accompanying zones and any additional items you have chosen. Kindly see our terms and conditions for additional subtleties.

The assistance can comprise of a wide range of segments relying upon your landowner, your conditions and your treatment of the property. It is your duty to guarantee you have covered them all. For example, a total Bond Clean typically comprises of a:

  • • Trained proffesionals
  • • High-end equipments
  • • Quality products & chemicals used

  • • Entire room dusting
  • • Dusting of ceiling fans, blinds, fan blades, curtains, covers, etc.
  • • Wall cleaning & marks removal
  • • Mopping and vacuuming the floor
  • • Washing all the surfaces
  • • Dusting wardrobes and all furnishings
  • • Cleaning all-glass surface areas
  • • Cleaning of the air conditioning units
  • • Washing & Cleaning of filters

  • • Cleaning cupboards and pantries
  • • Emptying bins in the disposal unit
  • • Transforming walls for a spotless look
  • • Cleaning, scrubbing the sink and taps &, disinfecting them
  • • Cleaning cooktop, grill, stoves, burners
  • • Cleaning windows, window sills, fly screens, blinds & curtains
  • • Vacuuming and mopping the floor
  • • Wiping & dusting of all the furniture (includes tables, racks & chairs)
  • • Clean the refrigerator and dishwasher - both sides(Microwave & fridge – Extra Labor Hours Are Applicable)

  • • Dusting and washing off all the surfaces (includes glass surfaces)
  • • Dusting all the furniture & ceiling fans
  • • Vacuuming and mopping the floor
  • • Dusting blinds, covers, etc.
  • • Cleaning mirrors and glass areas/li>
  • • Wiping & cleaning of all the outside air conditioning units
  • • Removing all spots from the walls
  • • Dusting and cleaning of the doors, door frames, windows & window sills
  • • Dusting and cleaning the skirting boards

  • • Removing dirt from tiles & ceilings(if removable)
  • • Cleaning & polishing the mirror and glass surfaces
  • • Scrubbing, washing and cleaning tiles
  • • Sweeping, scrubbing and mopping the floors
  • • Washing & scrubbing of the bathtub and showers
  • • Washing shower curtains, mirrors and rails
  • • Cleaning toilets (by scrubbing and disinfecting)
  • • Cleaning the drawers and cabinet tops

  • • Cleaning and dusting the skirting boards
  • • Clearing the filters
  • • Removing dirt from the walls
  • • Cleaning fans, fan blades, furniture, etc.
  • • Dusting off and washing of all surfaces
  • • Dusting along with the cleaning of blinds, window covers and curtains
  • • Dusting along with the wiping of window frames, door frames & window sills
  • • Wiping air conditioning units(exterior)

  • • Sweeping the whole garage

  • • Sweeping and washing the balcony entirely
  • • Wiping the rails and frames

Book The Best Bond Cleaning Services In Pimpama

Try not to pass up a major opportunity this chance. You can book our administration by calling at 07 2103 4716. Our staff from the client care focus would direct you with your booking. If not you can book the online structure with all the necessary details.

Upon successful form submission, your booking will be affirmed with us. It is ideal to book seven days prior so that inspection and other preparations could be timely done. Get your arrangement today.