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Bond cleaning in Brisbane is the mandatory cleaning of a rented house before you move out. It is required by law and represented by the real estate agent, for you to be refunded the bond deposit that you paid when you leased the property.

If at the end of your lease, your bond cleaning is not of a sufficiently high standard, you may lose some and possibly even your entire bond or the deposit amount.

An end of lease cleaning, moving out cleaning, or bond cleaning is a very thorough cleaning of your rented house. It must be ensured that you repair and clean the house before you move out, according to the real estate condition form available with you and your real estate agent. It details the condition of each room of your home before you started living in. This includes the number of hooks or nails on the walls, any stains or damage that pre-existed before you moved in that particular house. It certainly allows for reasonable wear and tears. That’s why you need a reliable end of lease cleaning company to get your bond back.

  • Expert Cleaners

    Convince yourself with our reliability and high-quality standards. Our customer reviews will provide you enough insight into our dedication in home cleaning services.

  • 100% Satisfaction

    To comply with our quality standards at all times, our quality team checks your property after cleaning to ensure a job well done.

  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

    We are inclined to use high quality, yet eco-friendly cleaning materials and equipment during general home cleaning to protect the environment for the next generation.

  • Cost Effective Cleaning Services

    A fair price and cost calculation make us an excellent cleaning service and partner over the long term.

Fridge & Freezer

Our Bond cleaning process in Brisbane and Gold Coast starts with the types of equipment in the house. In the furthest corner of the refrigerator, you can always find expired or leaked food. We go from top to bottom and clean up properly till the refrigerator is like new. The same applies, of course, to the freezer compartment. It is advisable to use a day on which you have little ice and frozen food in stock so that the entire compartment can be defrosted once.

Stove & Microwave

Cleaning the stove is no great joy for most people. But, the more regularly you use the stove, the more the whole thing becomes encrusted. Cleaning the stove is a behemoth task and requires an expert because it is one of the few things that is used daily. It is the same with the stovetops which are often teeming with leftover food as well as the microwave.

Work surfaces & kitchen appliances

The work surfaces in the kitchen, on the other hand, are cleaned with proper expertise as it is the first thing anyone notices in the kitchen. The task becomes a bit more complicated if there are permanent stains on the surface because it requires special chemicals to remove them. If there are kitchen appliances such as kettles, mixers, and toasters, they also need regular cleaning. Some have to be freed from crumbs, others from lime, or food scraps. The external dust can be wiped off with a rag. Unlike everyone else, we offer that with our Bond cleaning package.

Cabinets & Floor

The kitchen cupboards are a bit more complex because they have to be cleared out beforehand and you can’t use too much water because they are usually made out of wood. Last but not least, the floor must be cleaned preferably with a vacuum cleaner and a mopping cloth. Baking powder and vinegar are particularly useful as cleaning agents in the kitchen along with certain chemical cleaners that are eco-friendly.

WhitePeak24 is a clear winner for online cleaning services strategy and implementation. We are convinced with our price, transparency & safety, cleaning quality, and service.

Where, when, how often?

Transparent, uncomplicated, safe – WhitePeak24 is the easiest way to get the Bond cleaning done for your home.

Transparent prices guaranteed

Each cleaning staff is well trained in Bond cleaning protocols. The pricing can easily be estimated on our website however if you want to speak with us to discuss the complete Bond cleaning process, we are available to give you detailed pricing.

What does the Price Depend upon?

The cost of the Bond cleaning Services of your house in Brisbane and Gold Coast depends upon the following factors and is fairly calculated. You can find transparent prices on WhitePeak24.

  • The size of the House or apartment
  • The equipment required to clean the house or apartment
  • The scope of cleaning services that are to be provided
  • Any additional cleaning that may have been agreed (window cleaning, carpet cleaning, thorough cleaning of seating)
  • Whether regular cleaning takes place
  • Whether maintenance cleaning is carried out in between

With WhitePeak24 you will get the benefit of our experience in the field of cleaning. Our Bond Cleaning services are

  • The fast and uncomplicated booking process
  • Short-term booking possible
  • Liability insured cleaners
  • Transparent prices
  • Secure online payment
  • Clear and reliable customer service

All WhitePeak24 Bond cleaners work within standard protocols and are covered by liability insurance. Our reliable customer service is available 6 days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Through our years of experience in Bond cleaning, we know what passes for an acceptable bond refund guideline at an economical cost to you. Contact us for bond cleaning or for other services to ensure you save more money on a job well done.

A General Home Cleaning Usually Includes The Following

  • Vacuum/sweep floors
  • Wipe the front door and clean the doormat
  • Dust off furniture/shelves
  • Sweep cobwebs
  • Wipe the Doors and frames with a damp cloth
  • Clean the radiator or Air conditioner
  • Wipe the baseboards
  • Clean windows
  • Clean Skirting
  • Clean Empty Drawers/Shelves
  • Wipe inside, outside and above the Living room cupboards
  • Clean Sink, bathtub and Bathroom Cabinets
  • Clean Tiles in the Bathroom
  • Clean stove
  • Clean the sink

Ready to service your facilities

Get professional home cleaning services in Brisbane and Gold Coast at very affordable price only with Whitepeak24 Cleaning Services. All our cleaners are certified proffesionals having years of expertise wanting to serve you with the best.

*There are various other inclusions that vary from home to home based on design and basic structure of the house, that are not included here and need to be cleaned in bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning process. Any fragile decorative items are not guaranteed or we don’t hold any responsibility for their breakag